In this video learn how to use Master Spas touch screen controls like a pro.

1 Owner's Manual. The touch screen control panel is featured on the following Master Spas products Twilight Series Hot Tubs, Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tubs, Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas, and most H2X Swim Spas.


Does anyone have a twilight 7.

This Keypad is Compatible with the following series/system(s. Although the size and shape of these panels may look different they all operate the same. ago.


Hoping to get last minute advice from you guys. Remove front skirt panel (this is the side where the topside control panel is located) so electrical can be hooked up to the spa control system. Overview.

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If the spa control can be repaired, it might cost around $150 for repairs. .

35 cm) Weight: less than 1 oz. (855) 308-2149.

Steps to Operate Your Hot Tub Touch Screen.


Congratulations on your purchase of a Twilight Series hot tub and welcome to the Master Spas family! To download a.

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Problems with the circuit board can come from the electrical current from. 625 inches (16. Same Day Shipping on highest orders placed before 4:30pm CST (855) 308-2149. . I watched several YouTube clips etc explaining how to check the fuses (all on different hot tub models).

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Dec 5, 2018 · A few of the possible causes of this can be easy to identify and fix, such as: Debris in the pump system. Twilight series spas (53 pages) Hot Tub Master Spas Trainer 12 Owner's Manual.



Twilight series spas (53 pages) Hot Tub Master Spas Trainer 12 Owner's Manual.

Master Spas Twilight Spa Touch SSU, 2017 Keypad panel without Overlay but is menu driven with backlight.

I bought my Twilight at the same time as your tub (October of 2019).